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Artwork by San Francisco artist, Daniel Doherty


Community mental health practitioners are under enormous pressure to deliver more services with fewer resources, while the problems that we are challenged to resolve are increasingly complex. As we strive to provide meaningful interventions that address the social, psychic and justice demands of those who struggle the most, we have an even greater need to carve out spaces, both within our minds as clinicians and within our places of practice, to reflect on our work and connect with one another.

In its recent history, RSMP has embraced the need to attend to our internal group process, specifically as it relates to the ways in which we are all embedded in historical dynamics of power and privilege. We have grappled with what it means to dialogue across difference, and have aimed to bolster our capacities to sit with discomfort as we speaks our truths and learn from one another. Our recently drafted community intentions can be found here.

Our next RSMP event will be held on Saturday June 1, 2019 from 2pm to 4pm. More info about upcoming events is posted here. You can learn more about previous RSMP events here.

RSMP received the 2018 Community Service Award from NCSPP.

RSMP was featured in the online APA Division 39 Blog, The Psychoanalytic Activist. Click here to read more.