Community Intentions

1. We encourage the respectful expression of difference, recognizing that the group represents diverse and multiple positions, both as a whole and as individuals with multiple circles of belonging and identifications.
2. We encourage each person to keep in mind the health and wellbeing of the collective, and hope that each of us will strive to keep RSMP on the path of healthy growth.
3. We expect respect on the part all, for each individual member and for the group as a whole.
4. We recognize that as a group we are not outside of history, and we expect that we will enact historical traumas and unconscious historical dynamics. At times we may get in over our heads, and we may need to pause, slow things down, and unpack these enactments.
5. We promote an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness, and assume we are all here to learn and grow.
6. We promote an atmosphere of truth-telling. Being compassionate does not mean being silenced.
7. We aim to take care of each other as a whole. Some of us will inevitably get hurt or upset at times, and we hope that we will reach out to each other and provide solace and accompaniment. This will not fall on every person in the same way. At times it will be important to free up some from having to be too careful, knowing that the group will take care of itself. We have different roles in this.
8.  We will hold in mind that collective work is voiced through individual experience and that we strive to hear it as representational rather than personal.
9. We strive to hold the historical context of the group in mind even when this task can feel awkward and difficult considering the dynamic nature of our group.
10.We commit to follow up. We may reach out to some of you, and we want to hear from any of you if you have feedback for how we can make this a vibrant space for continued growth.