Who We Are


RSMP is dedicated to exploring the generative tensions that emerge when reflecting deeply on material realities. We believe in community practice and hold fast to the faith that psychoanalytic reflection is not divergent from the pressing concerns of social justice. Through the creation of physical space for reflection, we challenge an understanding of our work as located solely in the individual, in the dyad, or in the office and recognize our work as occurring within social hierarchies and structures. We saw a need for spaces where the intrapsychic, interpersonal, cultural, systemic, and political can be thought about simultaneously and collectively.


Reflective Spaces | Material Places began as a collaboration between NCSPP, PINC and Access Institute. These three organizations wanted to find a way to bring community-based work together with psychoanalytic thinking.  In 2012, Lani Chow (NCSPP), Francisco González (PINC) and Elizabeth Kita (Access) planned and hosted a successful day-long conference that featured a panel presentation and discussion as well as working group spaces. In 2013, Mia Maturen (Access) joined the organizing committee.  Rachael Peltz (PINC), David Cushman (NCSPP) and Ryan Parker (A Better Way) joined us in 2014.

Since then, RSMP has emerged as a strong group of Bay Area people -therapists, case managers, doctors, administrators, advocates, peer counselors, vocational counselors, housing specialists and activists – who are practicing in community mental health settings and thinking psychodynamically about our work. Our bimonthly meetings offer practitioners of all levels and backgrounds an opportunity to come together to reflect on our work and build community with each other.

Our meetings most often occur at  Instituto Familiar de la Raza (IFR), at 25th and Mission in San Francisco (map), unless otherwise noted.  IFR is a community based organization that has been providing relevant, strengths-based, and culturally sound services to people in the San Francisco community for almost 35 years.  They have graciously welcomed us into their space.

RSMP was featured in the online APA Division 39 Blog, with an article entitled, “One Model for Community Psychoanalysis: Reflective Spaces Material Places featured in the APA Division 39 Blog, The Psychoanalytic Activist. Check it out HERE!


Organizing Committee: Geetali Chitre, Lani Chow, Rossanna Echegoyén, Francisco González, Carnella Gordon-Brown, Cynthia Hutchison, Mahima Muralidharan, Mary Mykhaylova, Rachael Peltz, Alice Shaw, Nikkia Young, and Linda Zaretsky. The organizing committee meets every other month and is charged with overseeing the overall functioning and future development of RSMP with sensitivity to inclusion and respect for differences.

Programming Committee: Lani Chow, Francisco González, and Mahima Muralidharan. This committee is in charge of planning the every other month meetings, in addition to spontaneous gatherings in response to crises in our communities. Anyone in RSMP is welcome to contact members of this committee with ideas or requests.

Conference Planning Committee: Geetali Chitre, Carnella Gordon-Brown, Mary Mykhaylova, and Alice Shaw. This committee is tasked with planning the annual RSMP conference.